Ambulance Act Reform – “That Dog Don’t Hunt” – Question Period

Nov 28, 2023 | In the Legislature

Mr. Speaker, if that Health minister doesn’t understand the connections between nurses’ concerns and paramedics, then he better give his head a shake and check his
notes again. You’d think from everything that he has to say that everything’s just fine in our health system, but that’s not the case. I’ll quote again from these logs from August 12th:

“Multiple extended OLDs at both hospitals. Always got to be these doggone offload delays.”

And that’s not the only dog reference, Mr. Speaker. From
September 30th:

“OLD bad. Longest, eight-plus hours at one point. Six of my nine units were tied up at the General ER. [Six of nine.] Two more tied up at Pasqua. Eight of nine units tied up at the hospital. That dog don’t hunt.”

Mr. Speaker, will the minister finally admit that when it comes to Sask Party’s record on health care, as these paramedics said, “That dog don’t hunt.”