Award-Winning Saskatoon Artist Continues to Inspire

Apr 25, 2022 | In the Legislature

Mr. Love: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Today I rise to highlight one of the many amazing visual artists who call Eastview home. Ruth Cuthand intertwines themes of settler-Indigenous relations
through contemporary and traditional Indigenous art forms, especially beadwork. Ruth is the winner of many accolades in the art world. Most recently, in 2020 she received the Governor
General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts in Ottawa. Now during the early stages of the COVID pandemic, Ruth spent a time, like many of us, in isolation. But Ruth got to work with glass beads and PPE [personal protective equipment]. She used medical-grade N95 masks and beaded depictions of the COVID-19 virus. She also sold prints of her COVID-19 beadwork to raise money for Prairie Harm Reduction. And I was fortunate to receive one of these prints as a very thoughtful gift from my wife.

Ruth also created two collaborative works of public art in Saskatoon in 2021, including a sculpture at 20th Street and Avenue B that depicts the relationship between Indigenous peoples and the buffalo. And another at Broadway and Main that fuses the cultural art forms of the two artists with Cree-Michif beadwork and East African henna.

Ruth continues to be a force for reconciliation through the arts today. I want to say thank you to Ruth for making Eastview her community, and I invite all members of this Assembly to join me
in congratulating her on her many achievements and for using her gifts to educate, agitate, and inspire change.