Bill 137 – Parental Bill of Rights – Second Reading Debate

Oct 10, 2023 | In the Legislature

In 1947, Saskatchewan became the first province in Canada to pass Human Rights legislation. In 2023, under Premier Moe, we became the first province to take Charter and Human rights away from children. On October 10, the Saskatchewan Legislature was recalled for the first emergency sitting in 24 years. During the two week emergency session, the Sask Party govt changed the procedures of the Assembly to over rule a Saskatchewan court and push through legislation using the notwithstanding clause. The result is that already vulnerable children lost their Charter Rights and rights protected by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code. I asked the Sask. Party members whether they took the time to read through the review by the Saskatchewan Children and Youth Advocate’s review of the Parent’s Bill of Rights. Not one of them stated they read the report prior to opening up debate.7 hours total of debate by myself – 40 hours of debate total by all opposition MLAs