Covid-19 Update

Mar 19, 2021

Throughout this past year I have met many people across our Eastview Riding that are worried for their health, their family, their friends, and their livelihoods. Although we are distant and opportunities for face to face interaction are limited our team is here to help, through email or phone appointments.

Stay safe,

The Matt Love team

What is the Covid-19 situation in Saskatchewan?

Read the latest information on Covid-19 in Saskatchewan.

How do I know if I have Covid-19?

If you are feeling ill and suspect you may have Covid-19, please complete a self assessment to guide you in next steps.

I want to get vaccinated. Can you tell me when I can get vaccinated?

The government is rolling out their vaccination plan for the province. This information is routinely changing so we encourage you to continue to check your local media and government websites. Find the latest information on Saskatchewan’s vaccine rollout.

Is the Provincial Government providing assistance to businesses and workers in Saskatchewan due to Covid-19?

The Provincial Government is providing assistance to businesses and workers throughout the province. Find more information about accessing this assistance.