David Crowell – Member’s Statement

Nov 23, 2023 | In the Legislature

Mr. Love: — Mr. Speaker, I rise today to highlight an exceptional Eastview constituent who’s joined us here today inyour gallery: vice-principal at Montgomery Elementary School, David Crowell. For nearly three decades, David has passionately shared his love for science and technology and has inspired colleagues across Saskatoon to engage their students in practical, low-cost science experimentation. He is one of 2023’s winners of the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

David champions a student-centred approach in science education, emphasizing the importance of empowering future problem-solvers and thinkers. Furthermore David integrates Indigenous perspectives into STEM, bridging cultures through shared knowledge and practices. His dedication to sustainability partnerships and waste reduction has diverted thousands of kilograms of waste from our landfills. One of David’s stand-out contributions is the wildly popular interStellar science loaner kit program, providing teachers with materials, tools, and lessons for affordable, hands-on science experiments. David’s long-standing commitment to science education, student empowerment, sustainability, and innovation make him an exceptional teacher, an exceptional leader in his division and in our city, and a deserving recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. It is my honour to recognize him. I ask all members to join me in congratulating David for his teaching and education accomplishments. Thank you