Happy Birthday Fred Hill – Introduction

Dec 6, 2023 | In the Legislature

Mr. Love: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I’d like to join with the member opposite in recognizing a friend to this Assembly, Fred Hill, and wish him a happy birthday on behalf of the opposition.

Sixtieth — that’s incredible, and I hope that you definitely feel celebrated not only by the members in this Assembly today as we say happy birthday to you, Fred, but by your loved ones, your family at home. I know you’re so proud. And our conversations often centre around family. Someone I always appreciate asking how my wife, Emma, is doing, how my kids are doing, and I share that right back as we get to share so much joy in the people that support us in this work. So I hope you have a wonderful day, Fred, celebrating with your family, and a wonderful Christmas season when you spend more time there than you’ve spent here over the last eight weeks. But on behalf of the opposition, happy birthday, thank you for all you do, and welcome once again here to your Assembly