Humboldt Broncos

Apr 6, 2022 | In the Legislature

Mr. Deputy Speaker, I rise to join the Deputy Premier to commemorate the immense tragedy that occurred in her community four years ago today, the tragedy that stopped this province in its tracks, the Humboldt Broncos crash. Sixteen Saskatchewan people lost their lives that day, 16 people who boarded a bus heading to a playoff hockey game. Hockey, a sport that we, as a province, as a country, love. Beyond the 16 lives lost, there were 13 additional people on that bus whose lives were forever changed in ways that most of us couldn’t even imagine.

As a coach, I’ve spent countless hours travelling this province, supporting our kids in pursuing their athletic dreams. The community of hockey and sports families is one of the things that

makes this province so special. But on that day, Mr. Speaker, the tragedy and grief was immense and overwhelming for everyone in this province, and it was also felt globally. What was also immense and overwhelming was the outpouring of support and love from the people of Saskatchewan. This province truly came together to support the families and the city of Humboldt. It was a testament to the community spirit of Saskatchewan people.

And with that, I ask all members to join me in pausing just for a moment to remember the lives lost and to also keep the families in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you.