Love for Highway Hotline

Mar 14, 2022 | In the Legislature

Mr. Speaker, all members of the Assembly do a lot of travelling around this province, and there is no way that we could do that safely without the amazing work done by the good folks at Highway Hotline.

When we wrapped up proceedings last Thursday, I’m certain that members on both sides were eager to get back to our families, our loved ones, and our communities. I was ready to hop in my hatchback and camp out in the hammer lane, passing wiggle wagons rolling double knuckle down the blacktop, when my trusted House Leader asked me if I had checked on the road conditions. I told her that the roads were fine 10 days ago, and that they were still fine on Monday when I made the drive. But my colleague informed me the conditions and risks can change, and it’s best to use the most recent data available. The Highway Hotline provides us a free service to ensure that we stay safe and alive. Thank you, Highway Hotline, for giving us the updated and easy-to-find information we need to make our own personal risk assessments. We realize that sometimes you need to tell us that a road is unsafe to drive on, sometimes even

closed. And we know that there must be good reasons for this, even when it impacts our own personal freedom. Now I know my family appreciated it when I got home safe, even though I had to be patient and wait for the right time to drive. So thank you, Highway Hotline. We couldn’t do this job without you.

I’d invite all members to join me in showing our appreciation to Highway Hotline.