Meet Matt

Matt Love was elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature in 2020 as the MLA for Saskatoon Eastview.

Matt is a husband to Emma, father to Etta, Tom, and Myles, teacher to many, and advocate for all. For the past 10 years Matt and Emma have lived, worked and served Saskatoon Eastview.  Previous to becoming the MLA, Matt was a teacher who poured into a unique program which explored Arts Education, Social Studies and English with a focus on social justice and current events.  In 2014, he received a CBC Saskatchewan Future 40 Award for his leadership and innovation as an educator and coach.  It was this work that fueled Matt’s passion to build a brighter future for his family, students, and community.

Matt Love is proud to be the  NDP MLA for Eastview Saskatoon.  He has taken the role as opposition critic for Municipal Affairs, Tourism, Seniors, Ethics and Democracy, and Parks, Culture and Sport. He is also the opposition Deputy Caucus Chair.

“When I decided to enter politics, I had to think about what I wanted for my own children, for my own family, for my own loved ones. I want things like a good future. I think we all want that. Meaningful jobs … a healthy planet to enjoy, a community of belonging, and a sense of well-being.”

Matt Love – Inaugural speech December 2/20