Parents Express Concerns about Education – Member’s Statement

Dec 5, 2023 | In the Legislature

Mr. Love: — Mr. Speaker, I rise to expose the Sask Party government’s inattention towards the real concerns that parents have for our classrooms. Parents certainly want what’s best for their kids and they are speaking up, but this government is failing to listen.

At Centennial Collegiate in Saskatoon, the parents involved in their school community council publicly shared the realities that their students face every day. And the numbers paint a stark picture.

Last year, Mr. Speaker, they had 1,440 students at Centennial jostling for space in 17 portables. They have 94 classes with more than 33 students. One hundred students every day rely on the nutrition centre for food. At a time when families are struggling, inadequate funding is forcing those same parents to fundraise for basic student necessities and pay out of pocket so their kids can eat lunch at school in a crowded cafeteria.

When parents are consulted through SCCs [school community council] and local trustees, they are raising the alarm on the lack of mental health supports; crumbling facilities; crowded classrooms, hallways, and portables; and complex classrooms where student needs are going unmet.

At a time when this government should be investing in our classrooms, they are instead investing in anti-teacher billboards. Parents aren’t buying it, and just like teachers they’re speaking up so that every Saskatchewan student can get the education they deserve.