Rosthern Junior College – Introduction

Nov 30, 2023 | In the Legislature

Mr. Love: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I’d like to join with the Premier to follow up on his excellent introduction of these 37 students from Rosthern Junior College. And he’s right, I’ve got lots to say. I’m glad to see how knowledgeable he is of this amazing school that’s been educating young people in Saskatchewan, I think, since 1905. Just an incredible history, one of our four very important historical high schools in Saskatchewan.

Rosthern Junior College is the reason that I moved to Saskatchewan. And I’ll correct the record a little bit. I didn’t teach at the school; I worked in the dorm. And during that time there was a young man in the residence there as well as on the Rosthern Longhorns football team, which I was the first head coach of when those two schools came together. It’s a great partnership between these schools to put the best team that the town of Rosthern could field on the team.

The young man on that team and in the dorm is in the gallery: Hamilton Fast, I’d like to welcome in particular. Just a great leader in that community. He’s an avid cyclist, always up to adventures, and I’m sure he’s well-liked and loved in the dorm and in the school as staff just as he was as a student. There’s one other familiar face up there that I’ve got to recognize. And she might shy away, but Ava Wood has been a lifelong friend of my family. And her family, her dad is Ryan Wood, former principal, current CEO [chief executive officer] of the school. Just an excellent leader in the community, across the province.

The Premier’s correct. They welcome students from every corner of Saskatchewan, neighbouring provinces, and from around the world. They do such a great job providing inclusive, high-quality, excellent, and faith-filled education for the families that choose that school. And I’d like to join with the Premier and welcome all members to join me in welcoming these 37 grade 12s, as well as all of the staff and chaperones that have joined them here today. Welcome to your Legislative Assembly.